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HTML/CSS Fundamentals Completed

I finished the HTML/CSS Web fundamentals on the website Codecademy.  The final exam is to do a resume with <div>’s and color blocks.

This is what I was supposed to end up with:




I followed the instructions to a “T”.  This is what I ended up with:



Um… not the same thing.  I looked back on to the first page of the example and this is what the codecademy code looks like:



This is my code, following their instructions:



I reread every lesson and saw that they suggest you look at their code in the first page. I really wish I had read that.

I want to go back and redo it the proper way, as there is an internship I would like to apply to, to get my foot in the door of web development; but then I noticed that I was done with the fundamentals and could learn javascript!  I got really excited and not knowing whether I should finish the resume or play a little on javascript, decided instead to commemorate the moment and actually post something on here.

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