Hacking My (Dot) Life

Not stalled this time, just busy, busy, busy

I’ve been crazy busy since the last time I wrote anything.  Busy looking for work, deciding when I’m moving and when would be the best time to move to be closer to family and busy realizing that I’m working on making this web developing/designing (still unsure which) thing happen.  In this state of busy-ness I’ve learned that the reason why it’s been so hard for me to learn on my own is because there is SO much information available and there are so many websites and things you want to read and follow all at once and honestly I just want to learn it all, read it all, experience it all but I am only one person with only so many hours in the day.

So far I’ve done Codecademy‘s HTML/CSS course, which I loved.  I have completed 23% of the Javascript course.  I don’t know if it’s me or the program but I just don’t get it.  I don’t understand WHY things are a certain way.  It’s like learning to speak another language. Oh, wait, it is.


I joined Treehouse and did their HTML Course.  I joined it.  It was very linear an was easy to follow along.  My only issue with it was that I didn’t feel I was being as active a participant as I was on Codecademy.  Also, the instructor’s voice sounded like Kermit the frog, and made me sleepy.  He’s not the only instructor, and I viewed other tutorials/videos and saw that I can learn a lot form this site.

I joined The Women’s Coding Collective and took their “HTML:Welcome to Tagville class.”  I enjoyed it and actually did my first “webpage“.  Don’t judge me, it’s not great, but it’s MINE.  My only gripe with the class is that in my opinion, one subject didn’t flow into the next and although in their teaching method they provided other sites to check out, it just didn’t seem to… flow.  That’s the best way I can phrase.

I did the free class trial at Codeschool.  It’s very informative but for a newbie like myself, the technical terms are so new to me that when I watch their tutorials I have to stop and google what the terms mean in order to understand what is going on and what they are asking me in the challenge.  I think once I master down the lingo, I can see myself learning a lot here.


I did Skillcrush‘s 10 day bootcamp and have been watching all the videos they have up on vimeo and youtube and I must say, if I had the cash to spend on their individual classes or their blueprint course I would sign up ina heartbeat!! Adda, the founder is so engaging, she provides so much information, she’s friendly and is simply amazing!  The moment I get ANY extra cash, I’m taking her classes.  They’re the ones I feel are the best fit for me and my learning style.

I also discovered Hackdesign.org and their lesson plan and I’ve been reading up on that.  I also LOVE it!  It’s been incredibly informative and I’m learning so much from them.  I’m only up to lesson 2 and it seems it’s a lot of reading (which I love to do).


Yesterday I signed up with the New York Public Library’s new pilot program, “Project_<code>” which teaches adults how to code.  It’s an 8 week, 2 hours per class, 2 classes a week program.  I’ll be tested next Tuesday to see if I am eligible to be art of the program and if I am, I go on a list and see if there’s space for me at the time and location I choose.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed I get in.  I’m so excited to learn with others.  They will teach HTML, CSS and intro to Javascript.  By the end of the course you will have completed a personal site for your portfolio and a group site for a local business.  I can’t wait!  *Fingers Crossed*



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