Hacking My (Dot) Life

When life hands you lemonade…

You learn to program.  Just got a text from my boss saying that we’re downsizing and with that… an employee has to go.  I got the unlucky straw.  I’m not upset or sad as we had discussed this in the past few weeks. 

The past few weeks I’ve felt like something was changing for me,  like a cycle wad over.  Last night I started feeling like my life was at a crossroads and this morning I get this news. 

It’s scary.  I’m scared but I also feel at peace, and excited and very hopeful for my future.   I’m going to jump into javascript and apply to some of these coding bootcamps I was looking into applying for a few months down the line.  Who would have thought I’d be applying sooner than later? 


  1. I hate that old cliche of things happen for a reason but it can be true. It’s also good that you had some plans in case this did happen. It makes it just a little less frightening.
    Good luck!

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