Hacking My (Dot) Life

The new plan…

This is the new plan… I’m not sure where my career is going.  Right now I have a possible job offer coming soon and maybe two interviews coming up *fingers crossed*.

I’ve inquired about a few coding boot-camps, but will do the FullStack Academy’s  Road to Code Guide Book (available as a PDF when you request more information from their site), prior to committing to anything.  I was originally planning to work on Flatiron School’s  Web Development Prework Guide.   I chose Fullstack’s prework course first pretty much because it was laid out in a neater/more legible format. Afterwards, I complete that, I will go over Flatiron’s prework and see what else is there that I can use to supplement my learning.


I have to see if I get placed in the NYPL learning to code program.  I would love to be chosen, but after today’s events I just want to jump in to coding with reckless abandon.  I don’t know how well-paced of a pace I want.  This feels very much like a part of my destiny.  Everything that’s happened to me in the past year has led me to this crossroad I am at today.  I know it  sounds crazy, but… this is the dream.  I’m living it.  I have bills and debts, I’ll be jobless pretty soon and it sucks because I’m literally living paycheck to paycheck, but I’m not worried and I’m not stressed out.

I’m excited and hopeful and motivated and also sleepy.  It’s almost 3:30 am.  I have to be up in less than 3 hours.

I’ll be dreaming in Photoshop, designing the rest of the summer…

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