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The Project

I hate that I feel guilty about not writing more often. I think about this blog CONSTANTLY, but feel bad because I should be working on someone’s site, or doing a tutorial or helping someone else with something or taking care of something else and I just can’t do it anymore.

I’m convinced I have not finished other tasks because I have all this stuff I want to share and can’t because I feel guilty putting this blog first, even though that’s just want I want to do.  So, despite finally getting a little time to work, I need to put this first, because in the end a happy developer equals a happy worker.

Two weekends ago I discovered DevTips on youtube.  It’s crack, go watch.  At one point I wasn’t even watching,  but listening.  I was working on a site and folding laundry and dealing with my son and this guy, Travis Nielson is such an eloquent speaker.  He’s real, funny and relatable.  He used to be a salesman and now he’s a poscaster, writer , coiner of the phrase “full-process designer” and on top of that, a husband and dad.  This guy is living the dream.  From the youtube channel I followed him on his twitter and discovered his podcast, TravandLos which he co-hosts with his friend Carlos “Los” Montoya, another designer (and Hispanic, representing).  Los is like the big philosophical zen older brother you wish you had.

My obsession with DevTips is a mild crush compared to my instant love of this podcast.  Their tagline reads that it’s  “about being a healthy and productive professional in todays creative economy” but in actuality feels more like life advice on how to become a better, more rounded uman being.  It’s funny, insightful, educational, makes you think, makes you inquire and self-reflect on not only your career but your life as a whole.  I recommend that you go and check it out ASAP. It’s become my FAVORITE podcast of all the ones I listen to.

I’ve downloaded all the episodes and have heard most of them.  The ones I’ve heard and liked I’ve listened to a few times and it’s only been 3 days  since I’ve been listening.  Heck, I’ve been listening DURING work.  It’s so positive and inspiring. I would liek to get into episodes and give you clips but I have more I need to write about and not enough time prior to bedtime.  Just check it out, you won’t regret it.

So, taking a step back and going back to DevTips: As I was watching/listening to these videos I checked out the videos list and saw that there’s a playlist on DevTips called “Design and Code my Personal Website“.  In this series Travis walks you through his process on how he basically comes up with designs. It’s just the thing any person that wants to design and wants to see the creative process needs.

I was so inspired by just watching the first 2.5 videos that I got an amazing idea for a personal project.  My friend Stacy heard I was tinkering with making websites and we somehow got to talking and I told her I would  revamp her site.  I’m really bad (or should I say good) at procrastinating and aside from a wireframe and taking down notes, I really haven’t gotten started. I figure I still want to work on this site, and Bless Stacy for not finding anyone else to work on her site,  I decided I would follow the DevTips’ series and use it’s lessons to create Stacy’s website. Best part: You all get to see the process.  I figure that I’ll do a post per lesson.

I’m really excited to go through this process and see how I feel as I go through with it.  I’ll be starting this weekend, because who really cares about Valentines? I love myself so much I want to gain new skills and make something cool all at the same time.




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