Hacking My (Dot) Life

Moving on up…

Apartment hunting, moving, and settling in to my new place while implementing new routines have consumed up most  of my time the past few weeks and again, my little blog went without updates (but never forgotten).

I’m still slowly working on the plan to design a web site based on the DevTips walk-through. See previous post for all links, as I just noticed the time and I have to get to sleep!

Once I find my notes which, by the way, I’ve redone TWICE, I’ll write out episode/hour 1. I keep putting them in a safe place to protect them during the move and end up hiding them so well that I don’t remember where I placed them and I haven’t come across them in my unpacking.  I’m seriously taking my time unpacking.

I’ve noticed that lately I’ve been telling more people I am a newbie coder/web developer and EVERYONE seems to want to work with me.  They haven’t seen my work, they just want me to build thir stuff, because they don’t know.  It’s scary bt liek a friend I was talking to today said: just jump in. Being scared is good, it makes you real, and human. It makes you WANT to take this more seriously because you don’t want to let others down. Just jump in and do it.

Now that I’m seeing how much free time I have in the evenings, I’m jumping in and restarting FreeCodeCamp.com AND  freelance web design AND be a mom AND have a full time job unrelated to tech AND start 2 companies with friends. Overzealous? Nah. Taking on too much? Nah. I need to get this empire started and take over the world. #girlpower

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