Hacking My (Dot) Life

Hour 1: Discovery


If you’re just tuning in, I’m making my friend, Stacy, a website and I’ve assigned myself a project I call “The Project“, where I follow DevTips’ Travis Neilson’s Web Design Walkthrough in the hopes of making Stacy a cool and informative website.

Travis spends the first two videos (total of a little over 45 minutes), just speaking and wireframing and brainstorming and you walk with him through the process, it’s amazing.  The third video is just the visual designing process, for which he made 2 videos.

The first video is over two hours long and you can see in DETAIL what his process is, another is under 10 minutes and it’s the quick version.  I saw the first half-hour of the first video and the full short video.  It’s hard when you have an active kid running around, but trust me, I WILL be watching that two hour video, soon.

In his first video in the series, Hour 1: Discovery, Travis asks the following questions:

  • -Who is the owner?
    • What is important to me?
      • What are they trying to convey? What do they want to share?
  • -Who is the audience?
    • What is important to me?
      • Why are they visiting this page?

I saw his process was similar to how I started things when I first got my friend Stacy to tell me a bit about her project.  I asked her what message she was trying to convey and who was her target audience. :Let’s answer the questions:

  • -Who is the owner?
    • Stacy: Speaker, Teacher, Author
      • What is important to me?
        • 1.  Helping others by speaking about my personal journey with Bipolar Disease and DBT.
        • 2.Share about my (Stacy’s) experience so that others going through it know they are not alone and it is treatable.


  • -Who is the audience?
    • Students, doctors, prospective boards that might want to hire her for speaking engagements.  The target is mainly students, who in Stacy’s case tend to be teens. They’re our main focus group.
      • What is important to me?
        • 1. Easy to discover (borrowed this one from Travis).
        • 2.  Learn about bipolar disorder and DBT treatment.
        • 3. Contact Stacy

Next we move on to what we need in order to address  Stacy’s needs and the needs of her audience.  Here’s our list to help meet our needs.

Features Stacy needs (in no particular order):

  • About
  • Information regarding the classes she teaches.
  • Information regarding DBT/  link to DBT website)
  • Videos where you can see her at speaking engagements
  • Stacy’s book, “Loud in the House of Myself” (page or link to purchase her book.) and latest book.
  • Contact info and links to social media.

Next post: Hour 2: Wireframing.

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