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I’ve signed up for Dain Miller’s Advanced Beginner Challenge.  I took the Javascript course and am learning React.Js and Vue.Js.


The first couple of days starts with reading and watching youtube videos to become familiar with the syntax and language.  The videos and reading material have been great, but as always, the concept of javascript, though I understand vanilla terminology, some concepts still aren’t clicking for me.

I have found that Codecademy (which I haven’t accessed in a long time) has a React.js tutorial.  I’ve been reading the little introduction and so far, it seems like it’s pretty well detailed and in a few paragraphs has shed a little insight into why folks are using React.js:

  • Speed-  apps written in React can “handle  complex updates and still feel quick and responsive”.
  • Modular-   Can write many small reusable files, instead of one large chunk of code.  This helps with maintainability.
  • Scalable-  Can handle large programs with changeable data.
  • Flexible- Is being used for more than just webapps.  It’s potential is being experimented with.

I can’t wait to really take a chunk out of this tutorial and see what I’ll be building soon.



    1. Good morning Willy,

      I apologize for the delayed reply. I really liked the program. It was very informative and has you doing a lot of research, however I didn’t have enough time to dedicate to it. After about 3 weeks, I was so backed up from not having watched a lot of the content we were supposed to, that I stopped.

      I still kept all the emails and from time to time, I do one or two of the assignments. If you have 3-4 hours to dedicate to it the first few weeks, then I say go for it.

    1. Good morning Chelsea, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply back. To be honest, I only stuck with it the first three weeks. It wasn’t because the program wasn’t good, it is. The first few weeks Dane has you watching a lot of content and unfortunately I didn’t have the time to dedicate 3+ hours a day to watch content the first few weeks. I fell behind and got discouraged seeing the emails rolling in every day with the new assignments. I liked the program, though. It’s informative, chock-full of resources and it’s great for the price. I like Dane’s approach and even now, from time to time I tend to go through my emails and pick up where i left off and watch a few minutes here and there.

  1. Hi there–

    Doing research on the Advanced Beginner Challenge and there is not a lot of info on it out there.

    Does he call out what are the 10/25 tutorials to read for each language/framework–or are we just grabbing things from Udemy, etc? (I am concerned that there might not be a lot of direction.)

    Also, did you end up making it through the course–and did you feel that you really learned the material or was it so overwhelming that it didn’t sink in?

    Thanks for your guidance, I am working through FCC too! 🙂

    1. Hello,

      I apologize for such a tardy response, I’ve been inactive for awhile. I didn’t stick to the program. I fell behind for a few days, and though I kept every single one of the emails, I felt so overwhelmed with all the content I was seeing coming in , that I never got back on the wagon. It looks like it’s chock-full of information. Unfortunately for myself, the first few days with all the video watching was a bit too much for me. If you have time to sit down and watch an hour or two a day for the first few weeks, I would say to give it a try.

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