Hacking My (Dot) Life

30 Days, 30 sites and The Web Developer Bootcamp

I started working on the 30 days, 30 sites challenge.  I need to just start making stuff.  I’m just going to follow my instincts.  I keep trying to do this like others in the past have, and it’s not working for me.  For me, coding is more than just work or a hobby.  It’s me sitting at the computer, facing what I’ve always wanted to do, but been scared to jump in and do because I know that off the bat, I’m going to suck.  For a long time that was something I couldn’t admit to myself. But, something is clicking inside.  I’ve been reading the 4-hour workweek, listening to different motivational speakers: Mel Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Lisa Nichols, etc.

I’m also doing Colt Steel’s Web Developer Bootcamp on Udemy.  Their prices are pretty awesome and they’re always having a sale.  This course has been the only course I’ve been able to stick to, and keep coming back to.  I’m only up to the Bootstrap section, but already, I feel like I’m on the right track.  The HTML/CSS/Bootstrap section are reviews for me, but they are really informative, and the classes are always updated, which is amazing. I’ve taken a few classes on Udemy and I’ve never seen updates and changes being made as frequently as Colt does.

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