Hacking My (Dot) Life

Day 1 -Portfolio Page

See the Pen Day 1- Portfolio Site by Niky (@valkyrea-the-looper) on CodePen.dark

Day 1- Portfolio Page

The assignment seemed a bit vague.  It’s my first time really sitting down and coding.  This exercise was hard for me.  Not because of the exercise itself, I just felt very new to this (once again), but I was okay with that.  This exercise for me, was more about revisiting the syntax, getting to know one another again.  It felt like I was putting on my favorite sweater, you know the one that’s all worn in and soft in all the right spots.  But it wasn’t that sweet.  It felt awkward, like I had to mainly go through the motions.  I felt it was more necessary to get through this project as quickly as possible so that I can say, okay, I got one done.  Now, I can focus on the next.  I’m putting all of my faith on the “quantity breeds quality” theory.

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